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Free Bitcoin: read in exchange for BTC with Publish0x

Igor Tomic, Operational Director of the blog platform Publish0x, sees the future of the blog platform.

Currently, Publish0x advises users to both read and write on the crypto.

According to him, 2021 will be a big year for crypto.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

Publish0x is a fast-growing publishing platform that gives advice to readers and writers specializing in cryptography. BeinCrypto met with Operational Director Igor Tomic to discuss the future of magazines on the block.

Igor Tomic spends all day with his customers (i.e. his Telegram group). He is extremely passionate about what he does, and patiently answers his users‘ questions, and their possibility of getting something to read or write in exchange for free Bitcoin.

That said, the questions usually boil down to: „Do I really get free Bitcoin just by reading articles on Publish0x?“.

Indeed, Publish0x is a blogging platform similar to where both readers and authors receive cryptomoney.

Readers have the opportunity to give „tips“ several times a day to the authors of any article they read. The tip is shared between the donor and the authors, and the donor can even decide what percentage to offer.

Tomic spoke with BeInCrypto to discuss how he continues to tip free bitcoin and what a blockchain-based blogging platform can achieve.

How Free Bitcoin works

BeInCrypto: Which crypto blockchains or tokens do you support? Do you have your own token?

Igor Tomic (IT): Contrary to many projects related to the crypto industry, we don’t have our own token and no plans to create one. Instead, we integrate with other popular tokens. Right now you can earn ETH, BAT and AMPL; the tokens that users earn change occasionally (I think we’ve had seven different tokens over the life of the platform, starting in Q4 2018).

BeInCrypto: Tell us how you are able to support free bitcoin and users giving free bitcoins to themselves?

IT: We are a self-funded project with big goals. The way we see it, we sponsor our own growth and plan to do so in the long term. (Editor’s note: Publish0x is funded by BigBird.VC, which invests in various blockchain tokens).

This does not mean, however, that there is no turnover generated.

Publish0x is a unique opportunity for any blockchain project to make itself known to our public, which now counts more than 210,000 accounts, all of which have portfolios and have at least a superficial understanding of cryptography.

The beauty of the blockchain is that we can prove how we pay. To date, at current rates, we have donated over $425,000 worth of crypto-currency.
Attracting a new audience: Free Bitcoin

BeInCrypto: How do you encourage users to come to Publish0x?

IT: The most unique way to do it for a project based on crypto and blockchain is to sponsor the donor. This way, your project is integrated on Publish0x, and is distributed to our entire user base. With this, users receive your token and are encouraged to learn more about the project and the token.

We organize question-and-answer sessions and incentive writing contests where a new audience is encouraged to learn and write about the project, creating more awareness and buzz.

BeInCrypto: If users only get tips, how do you encourage writers to publish on your platform, beyond the free bitcoin?

IT: We encourage authors in two main ways.

Writers can earn cryptography money to publish or republish their work on

Authors who publish on Publish0x are exposed to a new audience. For some authors, they enjoy the interaction via comments. For others, they are happiest when their articles get thousands of views.

BeInCrypto: Do you think traditional magazines will move to a platform like this? What might it look like?

IT: We want magazines, publications and individuals to be able to do it easily!